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Realm of Kings
(311) Apr 20, 06:16 PM
(114) Apr 14, 07:22 PM
Mod from China
(180) Feb 5, 08:23 PM
Cat Mansion Adaptations
(132) Jan 9, 12:09 PM
Road to Allysium
(261) Jan 9, 08:12 AM
Dark and Light Elves
(702) Jan 2, 02:43 PM
Rise of Lord Athr'a
(157) Dec 11, 04:20 PM
Monster Siege
(39) Dec 3, 10:45 AM
(54) Oct 23, 02:04 AM
Playable Goblin Character
(305) Oct 23, 01:34 AM
Cthulhu Player Character
(44) Oct 22, 07:19 PM
(50) Sep 16, 11:07 PM
New Conversation System
(17) Jun 6, 07:59 PM
The Torian Chronicles
(51) May 26, 05:04 PM
Darker Shades of Red
(135) Apr 30, 05:53 PM

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Enhanced Summoning v1.0   FILESIZE: 70.78 KB
This mod pack will allow you to produce multiple summoned creatures, and has enhanced routines to reduce lag and balance.

I’ve included several different files in this mod, each produces a different number of summons per cast (2x, 4x, 8x) as well as an unlimited summoning file (X). You can choose whichever level you desire, but for fairness and balance, the 2x file is my favorite.

This mod is similar to UnlimitedSummoning, except that your summons will be destroyed if thy wander away (a big problem in UnlimitedSummoning). Also, the summoning timer has no effect (I did this because I thought the timer was a stupid idea :-)) Summons can still be killed normally. (2 comments)
07-Sep-2004 5031 7.13 (64)
Transformation Spell Fixes   FILESIZE: 26.52 KB
Rebalances transformation spells to take into account high-level equipment. Additionally, adds more creatures to polymorph into. Dragons and Battle Wraiths seemed interesting, so I added in spells to polymorph into them (although I only can use melee attacks for the dragons, no fire-breathing). I also added in those short, evil lava guys from the volcanic caverns as well. With the proper balance, polymorph spells can add a great amount of depth to multiplayer games. (1 comments)
01-Sep-2004 1519 6.39 (18)
Bezerk's LOA Spawn   FILESIZE: 767.96 KB
As with the previous Spawn, this game has been designed to increase the challenge as players quest their way through. However, the difficulty level is not as hard as Dr. Ray’s Spawn. (4 comments)
16-Aug-2004 1022 7.16 (19)
Auto Cast v1.01   FILESIZE: 4.96 KB
This mod makes characters to automatically cast defensive spells (like Triple Strike) placed in any slot of your equipped spellbook.
02-Aug-2004 3794 5.08 (14)
Wiz Within v1.02   FILESIZE: 249.03 KB
This mod adds some Wizardry spells and equipment. (2 comments)
02-Aug-2004 2328 6.80 (16)
DSLOAMT vbeta 2.2   FILESIZE: 3.54 MB
This mod helps players to transfer singleplayer parties between maps (currently Legends of Aranna, Utraean Peninsula and Legends of Utrae) and also changes the map's difficulty so that it's still a challenge. Transferring parties still requires DSLOAMod (part of the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit) to make it work but it removes all the problems that users were previously been having with this transfer method.
17-Jul-2004 2745 5.05 (19)
Gib Restore   FILESIZE: 97.92 KB
Reenables the dismemberment feature that was removed in the Dungeon Siege v1.1 patch. (3 comments)
27-Jun-2004 1780 4.78 (32)
Legends of Utrae Music Pack   FILESIZE: 63.40 MB
A complete music replacement pack for Legends of Utrae that'll also work for the Utraean Peninsula with both versions of Dungeon Siege (v1.1 and the LOA expansion pack). It'll also work for Elys MpWorldV2.

It contains over 1 hour of new music (68 minutes 4 seconds) with 32 tracks by Carsten Jessen (Da Buzz) and 1 track by Rubermusic, and also uses a number of LOA tracks (Legends of Utrae only). Apart from the Dragon Queen's lair, all existing tracks have been replaced. The composing style is mostly influenced by Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hans Zimmer and John Williams, and results in a more atmospheric experience, perfect for those who would like a change from the default Dungeon Siege music, good as it is. (1 comments)
14-Jun-2004 1400 5.93 (13)
DSX v1.6   FILESIZE: 1.58 MB
Makes a number of modifications to the game (see the official site for a full list of features) that work in the Kingdom of Ehb, Elite Ehb, Utraean Peninsula, Yesterhaven and Legends of Aranna maps.

Modifications include experience gain multipliers, monster hitpoint increase, max gold increase, drop tweaks, items that scale to character level, attack/cast speed, range and damage scale with skill level and UI tweaks (camera, inventory, backpack, etc). (38 comments)
08-Jun-2004 9170 6.81 (81)
Spawn v2.0   FILESIZE: 1.08 MB
Evil forces found an ancient scroll, which hinted at an incredible weapon, but the scroll was torn in half and burned. An evil spy in the midst managed to save half of the scroll and the dark magicians began work on trying to contruct the weapon. An accident in the labratory resulted in a wave of powerfull DARK MANA wave sweeping the world. This resulted in an incredible result, one the dark forces could not have forseen... It caused the evil creatures to have multiple lives and multiple souls bottled up in a single entity, some stronger than others. When you damage or kill an enemy another one will manifest itself to battle you. In some cases the monsters recieved a high dose of the dark mana and will reincarnate into more than one monster. Krug magicians took full advantage of this accident by learning to summon many of these dark creatures at one time to help defeat the GOOD (that would be you). Gom suddenly apeared outside his captive cage in the depth's of the Ehb Dungeon and aided these evil forces in an attempt to regain the control the SECK once had.

You must travel the lands and eliminate these super-souled evil forces to make it safe for these poor desolate villagers once again. This evil wave was quite powerfull and did not limit itself to the Utrean World but also Spread to the Kingdom of Ehb, Elite Ehb map, Monster Lair, and to some extent, Blue Gom. (7 comments)
07-Jun-2004 2865 7.53 (32)
Party Gold Limit Increase
Increases the party gold value limit so that Priceless items may be bought. (7 comments)
06-Jun-2004 4760 7.00 (43)
The Take Over v1.14   FILESIZE: 1.31 MB
Set in the future of the Utraean world. Modders and heroes have failed to help the citizens of this world. Not all gom were killed. They multiplied and became stronger, created new warriors. Serp warriors who were hatched in the swamps of Lang and frozen warriors who can live in the deserts as well as the ice caves. The towns have been over run with monster’s tables, chairs, even beer mugs have been turned into weapons of destruction. No one is safe. Your job, "JIM", if you should accept this assignment is to clear the towns out and make it safe for the people again.

In Meren most of the villagers have been turned into werewolves and will have to be killed. Grescal has been over run by mules with mad cow disease, large attack birds, and strange armadillos with big teeth. Save the towns then complete the quest’s for the town folks. You will be doing a great deed. (4 comments)
05-Jun-2004 3506 6.73 (30)
Fast Buff for LoA   FILESIZE: 148.06 KB
This mod changes buff spells to have a duration of 10000.

FB_LOA (Balanced) does *not* include Triple Strike, Pain Reflux or Shared Pain - I wrote this because I always felt including these spells in the original Fast Buff seriously unbalanced the game in favor of melee players.

FB_LOA (Unbalanced) includes Triple Strike, Pain Reflux and Shared Pain for those players who are either playing solo or don't agree these spells unbalance the game. (1 comments)
01-Jun-2004 2843 6.08 (33)
Zeg's Infinite Moo Potions   FILESIZE: 6.23 KB
Combined the mega potion gas with the infinite potion gas into a single dres with the result that all health and mana potions are now infinite use. Tested each on both a LOA UP map and Elys UP. All work just fine, from the small to mega.
22-May-2004 1840 3.87 (15)
DSLoA Sound Set   FILESIZE: 25.62 MB
Replaces a number of the original sounds for Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna. (1 comments)
05-May-2004 686 5.26 (33)
DSLoA Container Loot Mod   FILESIZE: 28.36 KB
This mod will greatly increase the odds of getting "rare/unique" items and extra gold from all common containers, such as: crates, pots, barrels, footlockers, and common chests. All special containers SHOULD have their original contents. Whenever in doubt, container was left original. (4 comments)
18-Apr-2004 5098 5.67 (36)
DSLoA Experience Mods   FILESIZE: 24.39 KB
Multiplies experience gain by 10 or 100 times above normal with either slightly or equalized adjusted devision of experience between stats. (3 comments)
18-Apr-2004 11031 6.09 (42)
Transmute Y'all   FILESIZE: 3.12 KB
Transmute Y'all allows you to transmute all items including spells and potions.
01-Feb-2004 1704 6.28 (41)
Hassat-Zaurask Transform   FILESIZE: 7.60 KB
Hassat-Zaurask Transform allows you to transform into one of 6 monsters, including 2 hassat, 2 zaurask and 2 maljin.
01-Feb-2004 1328 7.83 (11)
!Killer Mod!   FILESIZE: 14.42 KB
Summon a variety of monsters to fight against.

In !Killer Mod!, which can be run from DS1 or DSLOA, you can summon drakes, rockbeasts, ice warriors, robots, chickens or, my favorite, dwarfs.

In !KIller Mod!LOA! which can be run only from LOA you can summon Hassats, Zaurasks, dopplegangers, "creepy" vermin, chickens or dwarfs. (5 comments)
31-Jan-2004 6121 7.11 (39)
XP Overload   FILESIZE: 12.37 KB
Two xp gain mods:
  1. fast-is pretty fast @ 1st, but slows down: the xp scale is best played with 6 people in your game
  2. ultra-is very fast, same as the other one, same number of people
Other changes include increased enemy health, and decreased player health with additional players.
24-Jan-2004 3075 5.92 (37)
Fast Buff v2.0   FILESIZE: 50.90 KB
I got tired of spending 40+ minutes buffing my mage to play. So I made this mod to make buffing a speedy process. This mod simply changes buff spells to have a duration of 10000.
03-Jan-2004 2669 7.45 (25)
Elys Succubus v1.07   FILESIZE: 12.13 MB
Game Modifications:
  • Add item sets to the game.
  • Two additionals models (barbarian/succubus) to choose from the multiplayer character creation screen.
  • Increase attack spell damage depending on the intelligence of the hero
  • Increase damages dealt by all ranged weapons.
  • All Nature "Summon" spells are now named "Call"
  • You can control a summoned and a called creature at the same time.
  • Change to the death system: Each time you die, you lost 6.6% of your current max life (for the game duration only of course) and only a max of 10 times which means you can lost maximum half of your total starting max life.
  • The speed of ghost players is very slow now.
  • Tutorial tips disabled by default
  • "easy" and "hard" difficulty are now equivalent to the "normal" difficulty (I haven't figure yet how to force the game to choose "normal" difficulty)
  • multiplayer difficulty and experience scaling have been modified to be more linear and to compensate the remove of the "easy" difficulty
  • Modify the spell graphic effects of the "Cyclone of Fire" and "Pillar of Fire" to be less visually annoying for other players.
  • Some models and skins have been modified or added.
  • Double hero's inventory size
  • Change max gold in inventory from 9.999.999 to
World Modifications:
  • Add rings and amulets in weapon shops
  • Change various pot quantities in shops
  • Change some drop modifiers in certain shops
  • Remove the hub displacer requirement in towns
25-Dec-2003 9395 7.33 (34)
Balanced XP Mod   FILESIZE: 26.94 KB
it's balanced scale mod, you don't start off with 49/49 30/30, intead it's more like 55/55 55/55. Where as the scaling is at x10,x100,x1000,x10000,x100000. This way it's kept more Balanced as you gain levels, it's also better if you play as a new character. (1 comments)
24-Dec-2003 5468 5.50 (32)
!Spawn! The Conversion v1.0   FILESIZE: 489.24 KB
Fight the meanest, nastiest monsters in the game. Strike one down and a stronger one takes its place! Two new monsters you’ve never fought before!
  • Amped spells. Nature magic kicks butt!
  • Outrageous chicken level drops! You won’t believe Colonel Norrick’s little surprise.
  • Mages and archers are now as strong as melee.
  • Four unique armor sets, each designed to enhance your favorite skill.
  • Summon Maljin, spiders and the rarely seen Gikk..
  • Bows, staves and maces that grow more deadly every time you level
12-Dec-2003 3381 7.03 (27)

List: 1-25, 26-50, 51-69


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